Poshto is a free public WiFi service provided by Contitouch partnered with The Residence (an advertising solution provider). We have internet for days, it's only right that we give away some.


Poshto Story

Formed in 2019 built on a partnership between Contitouch Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, a technology company and ISP, and The Residence. Born out of the necessity to be different, to push modern boundaries and be truly innovative Poshto free WiFi zones were formed. We like to be in the future before it’s here. To be forward thinking and foresee market trends before anyone else. So through cutting edge innovation and world class marketing expertise, Poshto was born.

Where the 'Poshto' name comes from?

Poshto is shona slang for a chilling place/hangout or any place that you can call yours. At Poshto we want all our users to feel at
home when they are in our WiFi zones, hence we derive the colloquial
street name to become our brand as a whole.


What we do

We can sum ourselves in one word, FREEBIE! Don’t you just hate everything slow? Especially slow internet. We totally get you and that’s why we made sure our Internet is fast, effective, legal and free. More so we want to bring advertisers closer to their customers by providing an effective trackable marketing platform for our customers.

Proximity marketing

Consumers can be geo-tagged with relevant location-based and real time based advertising giving customers in the now customer engagement.


Where we are going?

We love connections, want to be where everyone chills and hangout. We believe in a connected world and we want to connect people. We understand the recurring demand for internet on-the-go and we envisage ourselves bridging the gap by bringing the world right into your palm or lap, connecting Zimbabwe to the world and the world to Zimbabwe.

Exceptional internet services tied to phenomenal advertising and marketing platform, with so much ease for advertisers to acutely target messages to a finely filtered audience solutions. It is also borne out of the idea that the internet has fast become a part of everyday life worldwide and is a necessity for all types of communication and entertainment whether it be voice or text, work or play.

What’s in it for you?

Poshto offers a mobile media advertising platform that allows for Static Adverts, Rich Media (video adverts) and sponsored login pages bringing brands in front of a captive consumer audience. Out with the old and in with the new; businesses spend huge amounts of money in traditional media on advertising channels like billboards, flyers, and newspaper adverts. Through our platform you are able to monitor and improve traceable returns on investment from measurable metrics data and insights to better inform your customer engagement.


Public areas


Our Team

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    Henry ChuChief Technology Officer
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    Gino VasPoshto Project Officer
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    Victor MnikwaHead of Implementation

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